Piezo Quartz Wafers

Piezo Quartz Wafers


Piezo Quartz Wafers

Piezo quartz wafers are a type of quartz wafer that has piezoelectric properties. Piezoelectric materials generate an electrical charge in response to mechanical stress, and they can also deform in response to an electrical field. These properties make piezo quartz wafers useful in a wide range of applications, including sensors, actuators, and resonators.

Piezo quartz wafers are typically made from high-purity quartz that has been cut and polished to form a thin, flat wafer. The wafers are then treated with a special electrode material that allows for the application of an electrical field. When an electrical field is applied, the wafer deforms, generating a mechanical stress that can be used for sensing or actuation.

One common application of piezo quartz wafers is in acoustic resonators, where they are used to generate and detect acoustic waves. Piezo quartz wafers can also be used in pressure sensors, where the mechanical stress generated by a pressure change is detected as a change in electrical charge.

Material Quartz Crystal
Cutting Angle X/Y/Z/AT32、33、36/BT/ST42.75°-cut etc
Diameter/size 3”(76.2mm) 4” (100mm) 6"(150mm) 8"(200mm)
Tol(±) <0.20 mm="" td="">
Thinnest Thickness 0.08mm  Min 0.10mm  Min 0.20mm Min   0.35mm or more
Primary Flat 22mm  32mm  42.5mm  57.5mm
LTV (5mmx5mm)  <1µm
TTV  <3µm
Bow -30<bow<30
Warp <40µm
PLTV(<0.5um) ≥95%(5mm*5mm)
Orientation Flat All available
Surface Type Single Side Polished /Double Sides Polished
Polished side Ra <0.5nm
Back Side Criteria General is 0.2-0.5µm or as customized
Edge Criteria R=0.2mm or Bullnose
Material Property ECD Better than grade 4
Inclusion Better than grade II
Q-Value Better than grade C
Wafer Surface Criteria Particles ¢>0.3 µ  m <= 30
Scratch , Chipping None
Defect No edge cracks, scratches, saw marks, stains
Packaging Qty/Wafer box 25pcs per box 

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