Indium Antimonide InSb Wafers

Indium Antimonide InSb Wafers


Indium Antimonide InSb Wafers

Indium Antimonide (InSb) wafers are a type of semiconductor material used in the production of electronic and optoelectronic devices that operate in the mid-infrared range. InSb is a narrow-bandgap semiconductor material, which means that it has a smaller bandgap than conventional semiconductors such as silicon.

InSb wafers are typically produced using the liquid phase epitaxy (LPE) or molecular beam epitaxy (MBE) methods. In the LPE method, a substrate made of InSb is immersed in a molten solution containing indium and antimony. The substrate is then slowly pulled out of the solution, allowing a single crystal InSb layer to grow on the substrate. In the MBE method, a substrate made of InSb is heated in a vacuum chamber and a source material, typically indium and antimony, is heated until it vaporizes. The vapor is transported by a carrier gas, typically hydrogen, and deposited on the InSb substrate, forming a single crystal InSb layer.

Once the InSb crystal is grown, it is sliced into thin wafers and polished to a high degree of flatness and smoothness. The resulting InSb wafers can then be used as a platform for the growth of additional semiconductor layers, which can be doped with impurities to create p-type and n-type regions for device fabrication.

InSb wafers have several advantages over other semiconductor materials such as silicon. InSb has a high electron mobility and a high electron saturation velocity, which makes it suitable for high-speed electronic devices. Additionally, InSb has a large absorption coefficient in the mid-infrared range, which makes it suitable for applications such as infrared detectors and imaging systems.

Items Standard Specification
Size 2" 3" 4"
Diameter mm 50.5±0.5 76.2±0.5 100±0.5
Growth Method LEC LEC LEC
Conductivity P/(Zn-doped or un-doped), N/Te-doped
Orientation (100)±0.5°, (111)±0.5°
Thickness μm 500±25 600±25 800±25
Orientation Flat mm 16±2 22±1 32.5±1
Identification Flat mm 8±1 11±1 18±1
Mobility cm2/V.s 200-3500 or as required
Carrier Concentration cm-3 (1-100)E17 or as required
TTV μm max 15 15 15
Bow μm max 15 15 15
Warp μm max 20 20 20
Dislocation Density cm-2 max 500 1000 2000
Surface Finish P/E, P/P P/E, P/P P/E, P/P
Packing Single wafer container sealed in Aluminum bag.

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