SAW Grade LiNbO3 (Black) Wafer

SAW Grade LiNbO3 (Black) Wafer


SAW Grade LiNbO3 (Black) Wafer

Black Lithium Niobate has the same piezoelectric properties as regular LN and is used in SAW device manufacturing. The difference of black LN is that it has lower pyroelectric charges due to higher electrical conductivity and high near UV absorption.

SAW (Surface Acoustic Wave) grade lithium niobate wafers are a special type of lithium niobate wafer that is used for surface acoustic wave devices. These devices are used in a variety of applications, such as wireless communications, radar systems, and sensors.

The process of producing SAW grade lithium niobate wafers involves growing a high-purity lithium niobate crystal using advanced crystal growth techniques, such as the Czochralski method or the Bridgman-Stockbarger technique. The resulting crystal is then sliced into wafers and polished to a high degree of flatness and smoothness.

SAW grade lithium niobate wafers are characterized by their high piezoelectric coefficient and low insertion loss. These properties make them ideal for use in surface acoustic wave devices, where they can efficiently convert electrical signals into acoustic waves and vice versa.

Surface acoustic wave devices that use SAW grade lithium niobate wafers include resonators, filters, and delay lines. These devices are important components in many electronic systems and are used to filter out unwanted signals, amplify signals, and delay signals in time.

Material LiNbO3 wafers (White or Black)
Curie Temp 1142±2.0℃
Cutting Angle X/Y/Z/Y36/Y41/Y64/Y128/etc
Diameter/size 3”/4”/6"LN wafer & 8"under R/D
Tol(±) <0.20 mm
Thickness 0.18 ~ 0.5mm or more
Primary Flat 22mm /32mm /42.5mm /57.5mm
LTV (5mmx5mm)  <1µm
TTV  <3µm
Bow -30<bow<30
Warp <40µm
PLTV(<0.5um) ≥95%(5mm*5mm)
Orientation Flat All available
Surface Type Single Side Polished /Double Sides Polished
Polished side Ra <0.5nm
Back Side Criteria General is 0.2-0.5µm or as customized
Edge Criteria R=0.2mm or Bullnose
Wafer Surface Criteria Transmissivity general:5.9x10-11<s<2.0*10-10 at 25℃
Contamination, None
Particles ¢>0.3 µ  m <= 30
Scratch , Chipping None
Defect No edge cracks, scratches, saw marks, stains
Packaging Qty/Wafer box 25pcs per box 

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