Tellurium Dioxide (TeO2) Wafers

Tellurium Dioxide (TeO2) Wafers


Tellurium Dioxide (TeO2) Wafers

TeO2 is the material that has excellent acousto-optical, birefringence and optical bandgap properties. TeO2 substrates are used to manufacture SAW and BAW filters, optical components, including acousto-optic modulators, electro-optic modulators, and various optical waveguides, resonators for applications in telecommunications, science, laser industry.

TeO2 is a unique material that has a high refractive index and a high electro-optic coefficient, which makes it useful for applications that require strong electro-optic interactions. TeO2 wafers are typically produced using the Bridgman-Stockbarger method, where tellurium oxide powder is melted and then slowly cooled to form a single crystal. The crystal is then sliced into thin wafers and polished to a high degree of optical quality.

TeO2 wafers have several key properties that make them ideal for use in optical components. First, they have a high degree of transparency in the visible and near-infrared spectral regions, which makes them useful for applications that require high-quality transmission of light. Second, they have a high electro-optic coefficient, which allows for efficient modulation of light using an electrical signal. Third, they have a low temperature coefficient of refractive index, which means that they maintain their optical properties even in extreme temperature environments.

Density(g/cm3) 6
Melting Point (°C) 733
Hardness (Mohs) 4
Colour transparency
Transparent band(mm) 0.33-5.0
Transmittance@632.8nm >70%
Index of Refraction@632.8nm Ne=2.411 No=2.258
Thermal conductivity coefficient(mW/cm*℃) 30
Velocity(km/sec) 0.617 for shear wave along <110> ;4.26 for longitudinal wave along <001> 

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